Resolution Order: Resolving a New Way…with an End of Year Resolution

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New Year’s resolutions are traditionally reserved for, well, the first of the New Year…a time of new beginnings and that dizzying, limbo-like period of relaxation, and recuperation, with the additional air of calm after the holiday storm.

It’s a time to “get down to business again” and start afresh by working on some new project/habit/affirmation for yourself.

Here’s the slightly confusing, somewhat out-of-order part. The busy holiday time is spent with friends and family where we reflect on the past year, eat good food, give gifts and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Yet as we finish up our year-end holidays, we hunker down to care of ourselves after the giving to others (or vice versa, celebrating the culmination of a whole year of resolutions).

In any case, as we start the month of December tomorrow, make an end of year resolution to not forget about yourself and to take time out for you this month as needed. This is akin to one of my favorite examples of care-taking commonly noted on commercial airline flights…in the event of an emergency (sudden loss of oxygen and/or drop in altitude or cabin pressure), put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.

You could schedule in some: extra sleeping time on the weekends; decompression time from attending parties and shopping; some meditative/reflecting/quiet time; or catch up on a few episodes of your favorite tv show. Resolve early to help yourself; you’ll thank yourself in January.

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