Productivity Tip: Set A Personal Deadline

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Sometimes we put our personal projects and tasks on the back burner in lieu of work and school. Have you ever had a personal task that you wanted to get to, but just seemed to drag on? I mean on and on and on? It’s time to put yourself first! Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Think about what project/task you want to accomplish.

It can be big, such a writing an article for a newsletter or finally taking those saxophone lessons, or small, such as buying a new pair of running sneakers or testing out some new ways to make outfits in your wardrobe.

Write down your project/task.

Mark a to-do deadline in your computer’s calendar or write it down in your planner. If you think you’ll miss the deadline, drop in mini-check-ins for yourself every few days, weeks or months as necessary to remind yourself of the deadline.

Schedule your project as part of your day’s work.

Break out small chunks of time for you to actually complete the project/task on a daily or weekly basis. Incorporating your project or task(s) into your routine will help make attending to the project more of a habit; it will also make you more accountable. If you’ve already scheduled time in your schedule to attend to the item, why not attend to it?

Tell a friend or family member about your plans.

Choose a pal who is interested in your activities and likes to catch up on what you are doing. They’ll want to know what’s new with your project and you might just be more inclined to do the thing you say you will do.

Treat yourself along the way to reward your efforts.

Buy some new songs online, find a great new accessory, visit that new exhibit at the museum you’ve been wanting to see, take a day off from working on your project — whatever you choose, make sure that the reward is for you celebrating your hard work.

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