Productivity Tip: Schedule a Monthly Review for Miscellaneous Tasks

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Image of phrase, Productivity Tip: Schedule a Monthly Review for Miscellaneous TasksDo you have a bunch of disparate tasks floating about your schedule on a monthly basis?

Looking for a more efficient way to take care of these issues instead of working on them piecemeal?

In this post I’ll show you how to deal with these regularly occurring monthly tasks in a productive fashion.

Assign a monthly check-in date and time.

The easiest way to take care of a bunch of miscellaneous tasks is to complete them at the same time. Select a regularly occurring time and date for your monthly check-in. This could be the first day, second Saturday or last Tuesday of the month. It really doesn’t matter when the check-in date is, so long as you complete the scheduled tasks.

Review materials to identify tasks.

Review your schedule from the past few months for clues as to the tasks you’ll need to complete. For example, you might have made a note to check the status of a financial account one or two months ago. Be sure to take a look at your past bills, invoices, payments and other files or documents as well. Another way is to identify tasks is to take a conscious walk around your home or office; who knows, perhaps a quick trip to basement will spark a memory that you should check your large storage freezer every month.

Make a master task list.

Now that you’ve identified your tasks, it’s time to make a master list. You can create your list with pen and paper or in a to-do list app or word processing document on your computer. Start each line of your list with a verb as in “Backup computer files” or “Clean out fridge,” and save your list in a safe place. Pull out your list on the date of your monthly check-in and get to work! As the months go by, you may find there are some tasks you initially listed that don’t have be reviewed every month but perhaps say, every quarter, or vice versa. Refine your list as necessary and don’t forget to schedule in these new tasks into your calendar.

How about you? Do you consolidate disparate tasks on a regular basis? Will you give this monthly task review a try? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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