Productivity Tip: Learn Something New

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Humans are creatures of habit.

Once we learn how to do a task, we tend to repeat that task in a similar way, if not identical.

Sometimes there can be easier, simpler, less challenging ways to complete or approach a task.

It’s time to get out and explore how you go about doing a task; most likely it’s something that you may not have considered doing differently or thought or considered there was an easier way to do something.

Working smarter, not harder is what today’s productivity tip is all about.

Learning something new doesn’t mean you have to start and complete work on a big project or read a massive instructional manual or book. You could easily shave time off of completing a task by just learning how to do one small thing and using that knowledge to your benefit in future. Invest some time “now” to save some time in the future.

Here’s a few different ideas to get you started:

  • Learn how to use standard calculator functions (do you know how to use the keys MC, MR, M- or M+?)
  • Learn how to set filters in an email program
  • Learn to sew a button on a dress shirt
  • Learn how to cut a mango to avoid cutting the seed
  • Learn how to sort data or use formulas in a spreadsheet
  • Learn how to use the different functions and settings on a digital camera

What have you learned recently? Is it a small tip, trick, or way about approaching something that has cut off time and/or made your job easier?  

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