Productivity Tip: How to Plan a Trick-or-Treat Route

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Image of trees in fog, photography by R. Isip
Hopefully you won’t have to trick-or-treat in a place as spooky as this…

Are you taking your children trick-or-treating this Halloween?

Maybe you’re just a kid at heart and want to appreciate the finer methods of productivity and organization for one’s personal candy gain (who says these subjects can’t be fun?)

Today’s post shows you how to plan a trick-or-route for the maximum candy return on your trick-or-treating investment.

Time is of the essence when it comes to amassing all the candy you can over the course of one day, afternoon or evening!

Create block boundaries.

Map out a general area where you’ll concentrate your trick-or-treating efforts. This could be your immediate or extended neighborhood.

Just make sure to draw a boundary line you won’t cross to maximize your efforts and prevent you from walking off into the sunset trick-or-treating till the cows come home (or until it gets too late).

Streamline your path.

Prevent wasted effort by trick-or-treating up one side of a block and down the other. You could even consider incorporating walking in a certain pattern around your neighborhood, say walking around blocks to maximize time going from door to door versus crossing the street.

Try to prevent doubling back on your path as this wastes your time and ability to get more and more candy as the afternoon and evening progresses.

Mark out *must visit* homes and businesses.

Lastly, maximize your candy return on investment by thinking of all the great places you’ll want to visit. Which neighbors, friends or businesses give out the good stuff? Who has the best Halloween displays, decorations and surprises?

Incorporate these homes and businesses into your block boundaries (see above) and you’ll really have a productive trick-or-treating route.

Now to you…think back for a moment…what was the best treat you ever received from a neighbor, friend or business? Did you make it a point to visit them every year on Halloween? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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