Productivity Tip: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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Image of salamanders on parade, Nice Carnival 2009, Nice, France, photography by R. Isip
Take a tip from these salamanders…don’t worry, be happy!

Welcome to the last installment of our New Year’s mini-series inspired by the traditional saying, “A Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year.” Today’s post features happiness and productivity. Missed the previous entries? Click here for my entries on health and wealth.

Do you want to be more productive?

I’ve got four words for you, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Today’s post is inspired by the famous song of the same name and provides you with two tips to turn that frown upside down…and still be productive!

Don’t worry! Change your focus.

Simply focusing on productivity for production’s sake can be quite crippling in the long run; you end up thinking about productivity so much that you end up being, well, unproductive! Take a step back and take a breather. Is it necessary (or productive?) to worry about productivity if you are not going to make a plan or actively do something about it? Take the energy you would normally use to worry about a situation and instead use it to do something. And if you’ve hit a brick wall and don’t know where to start, just start. Do something. Anything. Sometimes taking that first step is all you need to get going and get a smile back on your face.

Be happy. Happiness as the key to productivity.

Happiness unlocks doors. It adds a spring to your step, makes you feel good, energetic, and well, more productive. Instead of chasing after productivity, chase after happiness. What small changes can you make to your surrounding working environment, home or routine to make you happy? You could level the kitchen table so things won’t continue to slide off when you cook, switch out a broken chair instead of wasting time readjusting your seat at your desk or listen to your favorite music to pass the time while you file. Find small ways to make yourself happy; you’ll be more productive.

How about you? What makes you both happy and productive? Leave a comment below!

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