Productivity Tip: Be More Productive on Social Media

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Image of phrase "Be More Productive on Social Media"Have you been wondering how to get a grip on your social media consumption?

You sit down to post an update on a social network such as Facebook, Pinterest or Google+, get drawn in, and then realize an hour or two have come and gone…

Today’s post offers some food for thought when it comes to approaching social media and your daily productivity.

Know where you spend your time…and set a time limit.

Interacting with social media takes time. It takes time to make a post, read a post, respond to a post, and build relationships online. There’s a reason why it’s called social media — it’s very sociable!

That being said, where do you spend most of your time on social media? What sites pull you into their world for hours on end? (you probably have a good idea as to which ones are the culprits in your schedule).

The next question to ask yourself is: just how much of your time do you want to invest in social media? Do you honestly want to spend four hours each day on Facebook at the expense of not getting what you need to get done during the day? Consider setting a time limit for visiting social sites so you can make sure you get things done.

Are you posting…or are you browsing?

Let’s say you want to post something to a social media account. You log on, post your update and then start to look at all the different updates, photos and links that are floating around. Your posting has just turned into a new task…browsing!

Before you log onto social media be clear with yourself: are you there to post or browse/socialize? A good analogy is this: are you just dropping off invitations for an upcoming party, or are you joining a party already in progress?

If you have trouble separating the two tasks, consider using social scheduling apps such as Hootsuite or Buffer to easily schedule posts without having to worry about browsing.

Don’t forget you can turn social media on and off!

Are you plugged in 24/7? Why? All digital devices come on with an on and off switch as do many social media applications (you are either logged in or out).

Remember, you can choose whether or not to be constantly plugged into social media. Just because you can be logged in all the time, doesn’t mean you should be.

If you’re having trouble focusing or getting things done on a daily basis, it might be time to take a little break from social media.

Now to you…what seems to be the biggest challenge you have when it comes to being productive and using social media? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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