Organizing Tip: “Vacation” Your Closet!

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We all know what it’s like when packing for a vacation…trying to figure out what to pack for different days, activities, the possibilities are endless!

But for the most part, we pretty much end up with items that make us look fantastic.

Why not use this same method of thinking when trying to get one’s clothing closet organized?

Here’s several items to consider if you are looking to weed/round/apportion out your closet.

Is it comfortable?

If you’re comfortable in your clothes you can focus on other things and be ready for action. Being comfortable instead of perpetually pulling, stretching, tucking, holding, moving or adjusting a piece of clothing is highly underrated, no matter how good you might look in the outfit. Something to consider if you are just holding onto a piece that looks good but isn’t comfortable.

Is this climate appropriate?

You might pack a snorkel and flippers for that tropical getaway or purchase a parka for the frozen tundra, but do you own seasonal basics for where you live? Whether you live in place that is moderate, or is heavily rainy, snowy, dry, or humid do you have a complete assortment of clothing and weather gear for your regular work and play? For example, windbreakers, umbrellas, snow boots, gloves, etc.?

It takes up too much space/there’s too many pieces of this clothing type.

Just like packing your suitcase, you’ve got to pack your closet carefully. Weed out any repeats or items that you have plenty of, but never wear. You could put some items into dead storage to free up current closet space, or give away or donate items.

Would I wear this in public?

’Nuff said. No matter what you own, if you aren’t going to wear it in public on vacation or otherwise, you can at least use it for lounging around in at home.

Don’t forget the pajamas!

I think pajamas might be one of the last things one tends to think about when packing for a vacation. Your head is so much into the days of your vacation — what you’ll see and do — that you completely forget about sleeping at night. No matter if you are in vacation or everyday mode — be sure not to forget the pajama inventory!

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8 Responses

  1. Janet Barclay

    It took me a long time to clue into the fact that even dressy clothes should be comfortable. How can you have fun at a wedding if you’re constantly adjusting straps or if your shoes pinch?

    • theorderexpert

      So true. If you’re going to look fabulous, you might as well feel fabulous, right? Thanks for your comment!

  2. Stacey Agin Murray

    Love how you compared a closet to a suitcase!

    I, too have advised clients to weed out most of their ‘wouldn’t wear it in public’ clothes. Gotta keep a few tops/pants for cleaning/lounging around the house, though (as long as they’re comfortable, of course!).

    • theorderexpert

      Hi Stacey, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I thought it might be helpful to make that comparison for others; it’s a very simple approach for weeding out the stuff that is unflattering, unwearable, etc. I totally agree with you on the lounging clothes, not only are they super comfy, but they help prevent wear and tear on the ‘wear in public’ clothes. Thanks for stopping by The Order Expert and for your comment!

  3. Jill Annis

    I like your simple guidelines. I’m all about comfort, it’s my number one criteria.

    • theorderexpert

      Hi Jill, thanks so much. Adding a bit more comfort into our lives, streamlined closet or otherwise, certainly can’t hurt. Thank you for visiting The Order Expert and for your comment!

  4. Moreen Torpy

    What a great idea–closet as travelling bag! I’ve used the comparison of a home to a vacation house or camper and what’s needed or not in them, but I really LOVE your travelling closet.

    • theorderexpert

      Hi Moreen, I’m glad you enjoyed the closet/traveling bag analogy. It’s a great way to help people visualize their closets as a finite and not infinite space. There’s only so much you can fit inside a closet… Thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog!