Organizing Tip: The Other Side of Big Box Shopping – Managing Packaging

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Large size packaging makes it easy to handle items when shopping at big box or membership warehouses.

Dealing with the packaging at home is another story.

There might be double or triple layers of plastic shrink wrap, sturdy plastic containers of varying sizes, large cardboard boxes, and other types of bags, containers and packages to sort out.

Want to get a grip on your purchases and have less clutter in your house? Read on for some de-cluttering and organizing ideas.

Unwrap and remove external packaging.

Removing packaging from products now will leave you with less clutter to look at, and less mess to clean up later. Remove as much extraneous packaging as you can when you arrive home. Open packages and toss wrappers you find on double or triple wrapped items.

If there’s a product that has instructions that you need on the outside of a box, cut off the instructions and either tape, tie string, or rubber band around the item for later reference. After unwrapping, recycle plastic and paper packaging if possible.

Contain items, if necessary.

Instead of wrestling with large unwieldy containers, packages and boxes on a regular basis, transfer items into containers for everyday use. Use smaller plastic containers, glass jars or boxes for item storage. For example, if you’ve bought a 5,000 count container of toothpicks for example, take out a handful of toothpicks and place in a smaller plastic container for use in the kitchen or dining room.

Conversely, if you have numerous smaller products that would be better contained in their original box or cardboard tray, do so. This works best for items that don’t easily keep their shape or are difficult to stack on their own. Trim away any excess cardboard from the sides of the box or tray for easy accessibility and store the unit in a cupboard or on a shelf.

Store items for later use.

Save your everyday living space only for the items you are using at the moment.

If you purchased items packed by the double, triple or any other combination, take out one item for use now and store the rest of the items out of your way in a pantry, closet or other dead storage area.

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