Organizing Tip: Simple Ways to Keep Your Email in Check

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Need some tips to keep your emails under control?

For today’s post, I thought I would provide a few simple ways to help you keep your email in check. Sometimes simplicity is all you need when it comes to keeping your inbox lean.

Don’t be afraid to delete items you no longer need.

Did you finish reading or browsing an email that requires no other action from you? Why not delete the email immediately? There’s no use in keeping an email or several emails that you will not refer to in future; these messages will only clog up your mailbox. Making friends with the delete button daily will payoff in the long-run; you won’t have to waste time reviewing whether or not you need to keep or delete an email.

Keep the last email in an email string for your records.

If you regularly participate in long email exchanges (of which I do not recommend, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do) and want to keep a record of your notes, sort through your emails by subject and keep only the last email in a string in the email exchange. You’ll be able to reference the entire conversation in one convenient email. Double check the email thread to make sure it has all the information you need.

Please note: This tip usually only works well if people are continually replying back to one another using the previous email message; same subject, same people copied on the message, etc. If someone replies to the exchange using a different subject header or starts a new email, this tip won’t be as helpful.

Download and save PDFs, JPGs and other files.

Are you saving a bunch of emails just because they contain valuable PDFs, JPGs, or any other file types? If there’s another place where you can store these types of files, such as your computer or cloud, you should do so! Sort emails by attachments and start downloading/saving files appropriately. You’ll have instant access to the files you need and will free up some space in your email system.

Conduct seasonal unsubscribes.

You probably sign up for various newsletters, mailings, coupons, and other email subscriptions on a regular basis throughout the year. Start a new habit by going through your mailbox and unsubscribing from lists you are no longer interested receiving every time the calendar hits a new season, or every four months. If over the course of any season it is glaringly obvious you no longer want to receive emails from a particular sender, go ahead unsubscribe from that list immediately.

Now to you…do you have any email tips or tricks to share? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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