Organizing Tip: Refreshing Your To-Do List

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What’s on your to-do list for today/tomorrow/next week?

To-dos are perpetual machines.

The more there is to do, the more you add to a list of to-dos and vice versa.

If you are feeling a bit pressured or overwhelmed by your to-do list, it might be time to refresh it.

Here’s a couple of tips on breathing new life into your to-do list:

Review your current to-dos.

By nature, to-do lists are snapshots of time within your life. The list that you create today will be different from the one you create six months in the future. Are the to-dos that are currently on your list relevant to the life that you are living right now? What really, really needs to be done right here, right now?

Are there any to-dos that can be removed?

After reviewing your to-dos, see if there’s any tasks that have been completed and can be removed off of the list. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find! Additionally, check to see if there’s any tasks that can be eliminated completely. Perhaps you changed your mind about a task, project or event or circumstances changed (hey, it happens).

Are there to-dos that can be put on hiatus?

Consider moving non-essential or non-time sensitive tasks to a separate future to-do list, or perhaps a “just not now list.” Make a note in your calendar a few months in the future to review this “just not now list.” You might get the itch over the course of a few weeks or months to complete that task. If that’s the case, you’ll know without a doubt that the to-do should go back on your list of immediate things to accomplish.

Are there any to-dos that need to be refreshed?

Is one massive to-do hanging over your head like a giant black cloud? Consider breaking out the to-do into smaller parts to help you get started. Let’s say you want to paint a spare room. Start by browsing for some new paint colors online or taking a trip to the hardware store to pick up a few sample colors. Taking small steps and seeing physical results might give you that jump-start that you need to get a to-do going.

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