Organizing Tip: Plus/Minus Card of Small Living Spaces

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What’s good/bad about inhabiting a small living space?

Well, it all comes down to how you feel about certain things.

Here’s a plus/minus card of things to think about; simply rate each line item with a “PLUS (+)” OR “MINUS (-)”:

A small living space means…

  • Having less things in general (well, at least less than you would have in a given larger space)
  • Having to have a place for everything (even more so in order for you to find something)
  • Saving money by paying for less space (in rent or mortgage)
  • Maybe having external storage at another location or having to rotate clothing/materials for seasons, usage etc.
  • Reduced space height or length requirements for furniture, etc. (twin versus a king size bed)
  • Potential for claustrophobia or feelings of confinement
  • You may feel like you are living out of a suitcase…all the time
  • It might be difficult to invite and host large numbers of friends/guests comfortably and in safety
  • Less than a 5 second walk to the sink from the living room or anywhere
  • You always have to “put away” or contain one section of a space to get to another section of that small space
  • Less of, to no excuse for dirty anything…if you don’t wash “it” in a timely manner, “it” will stink up the whole place…fast


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