Organizing Tip: How to Organize Your Magazines for Reading

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Do you subscribe to a lot of print magazines?How to Organize Your Magazines for Reading

Do you find it difficult to sit down and actually read everything?

Today’s post offers a few helpful hints to rein in your magazine reading and keep things organized.

Before we begin, thanks to N.S.I. for suggesting this blog topic!

Keep things contained.

Do your print magazines seem to float about the house making it hard to keep track of everything?

Set up a magazine collection area in your home.

Use either a large box, basket or magazine holders to collect magazines as soon as they come into your home via mail or when you bring them in yourself.

Evaluate magazine types.

Some magazines are quick reads, you flip through them, find an article to read, flip through and are done with the issue, while others require more of your time, attention and focus.

Which of your magazines are easily digestible? Which magazines take a bit more time to chew and digest when it comes to reading and processing information?

See if you can incorporate different magazines into your daily schedule; quick reads for short breaks and longer reads for extended periods to time.

Set aside reading time.

Make a habit to drop in regular time into your schedule to settle in and enjoy your magazines and tune out everything else. It could be once every week or once a month, just make sure to schedule the time for yourself to cozy up and read your magazines. Similarly, you could incorporate reading magazines into your daily habit, such as browsing magazines before you go to bed or during your daily commute.

Give magazine issues a “read by” date.

It can be hard keeping up with different magazines with different publication dates say on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Make either a mental or physical note of how long you’ll keep a particular type of magazine. For example, weeklies will tend to pile up faster than monthlies, so you might want to make a point to keep no more than two past issues of weeklies at a time. Likewise, you would schedule your weekly magazine reading time more frequently than monthlies.

Make an assessment of older issues.

Do you have a backlog of magazines lying around at home? Depending on just how many magazines you have, you can either decide to sit down and go through several issues at a time on a regular basis until you’ve cleared through the stacks. Alternatively, if you are interested in getting rid of a chunk of clutter in one fell swoop you can take the more direct route, remove your mailing labels from the magazines, recycle the stack of magazines and call the experience a lesson learned.

Unsubscribe from publications.

If you are not actively reading magazines, overwhelmed by the amount you receive or are no longer excited about receiving said publications, it might be time to bite the bullet and cancel your subscription(s). The best part about this? Your home will be a little less cluttered for it. Besides, if you really find you miss a magazine, you can always resubscribe.

Now to you…how are your magazine subscriptions looking? Do you have too many or is it a number you can handle comfortably? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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