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How to Organize Handbags and PursesLadies’ handbags and purses are both fashionable and functional.

They can also get a bit out of hand (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!).

Want to keep your bags under control?

Read on for some organizing tips.

Pare down your purses.

Go and find each and every purse you own: work, casual, evening bags, totes and others.

Keep the ones you love and get rid of the ones you no longer want.

If you are getting rid of purses, be sure to check all pockets and flaps to make sure you aren’t throwing away anything valuable.

Consider donating your gently used purses to thrift stores or charities, or do a purse swap with friends.

Organize your bags according to how you build your outfits.

Are you wild about color in your wardrobe, or are you more interested in the texture, shape, or function of your clothes? What gets you excited about your handbags? Do you love different types of strap/handles or like little details such as metal grommets? What about your activities? Do you go out at night often (think: smaller evening bags) or hit the gym regularly (think: casual, less structured bags)?

If you can answer these questions, of which there’s no right, or wrong answers, and arrange your bags according to your preferences and habits, you’ll be able to easily pull out what you like with less hassle.

Store ‘em.

Purses should be stored either upright, or flat, depending on their shape. Try to avoid storing bags by their straps as you don’t want to stretch or wear out this part of the bag.

Sturdy wall shelving works great for storing purses, as do empty shelves of bookcases. It’s an easy way to make your purses look fashionable by lining them up on display!

In a pinch, you could also use large plastic storage bins to protect the bags from moisture and dust and stuff the insides with newspaper to keep purses from losing their shape.

You can then stack the bins in your closet, basement, or slide under your bed to store. Try to keep purses out of direct sunlight if you can, to prevent fading.

Consider a seasonal purse rotation.

Just like clothes, bags can be seasonal in nature. It’s highly unlikely you’d use a small straw tote meant for the beach in a snow storm, just as unlikely as it would be for you to carry around a big black heavy felt or tweed bag during the dog days of summer.

Save lighter colored bags for spring and summer, and darker ones for fall and winter. Put the purses you are not using for the season in dead storage and you’ll automatically have more room in your closet.

How about you? How do you like to organize your purses or handbags? What’s the most effective way of keeping things in order? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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