Organizing Tip: Giving Items a “Home”

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Keeping things in order is so much easier when there are designated storage areas for items.

When you give an item a “home,” you’ll know where to find it when you need it, and where to put it back once you’ve finished with it.

Today we’ll cover a few points to consider when deciding on the best storage location for items.


How you store an item should be directly related to how and when you use an item. If you use an item frequently, it should be easy for you to retrieve and replace. If you use an item infrequently, it should be stored safely out of your way. For example, winter boots aren’t much use in hot summer weather, so pack them up and store in a closet or attic out of your way. You might have to move other items in your living space in order to create space or storage for an item or a set of items, and you might find that some items will be stored in different places throughout the year (see boot example above), but the result will be worth the effort.


All items have some set of conditions that need to be met so that they can function properly, or be kept for any amount of time. A television or computer requires nearby access to an electrical outlet. Plants need sunlight. Fabrics need to be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and flour requires storage in a cool, dry place. Whatever the item, think about storage solutions that help an item to function at it’s best.


An item’s aesthetic appeal can be key in deciding how you might store it. If you have an item that you want to display, create a home for it so that it can be viewed and enjoyed easily. Clear off a cluttered filing cabinet or side table to showcase a vase. If you have several small items you could design a shadow box, table display case, or mount items on a wall. Similarly, if there is an item that you use regularly but don’t want to look at every moment, consider storing it out of visible sight. Make a home for it in a drawer, cabinet or closet so that it is ready for quick use but out of your sight.

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