Organizing Tip: Clever Clutter Sweeps

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Looking to clear up clutter in your home or at work?

Here’s a few ideas of places to tidy up when you are short on time but big on intent.

Computer Desktop.

Looking at too many files or folders on your desktop? Take a few moments to delete those items you no longer need, or to file documents in their appropriate folders.

Smartphone Screen.

Clean up and delete those apps that you no longer use; move less frequently used apps to a less frequently used screen.

Bathroom Sink Area.

Do you keep knocking over different grooming items as you are getting ready in the morning? Clean up the sink area by putting products in baskets, containers and holders to prevent spillage and accidental mishaps.

Shower Area.

Getting a bit crowded in your bath? Take some time to clear out those products that you no longer use or whose containers are empty.

Bulletin Board.

Favorite board becoming an eyesore? Enter in business cards or other address information into your contact book, remove coupons that are expired, even taking everything down and straightening up a board to your liking can make it instantly more eye-appealing.

Computer Area.

Clear up the area surrounding your laptop or desktop so you have room to stretch your arms, put your notes and mouse down and to focus on your work at hand.

Kitchen Sink Area.

Find yourself hunting for the sponge on more than one occasion when you need it? Tidy up the sink area of extraneous items and stock the basics so you are ready for cleaning action: dish-washing liquid, hand soap, dishcloth, sponge, scrubber, nail scrubber, etc.

Coat Rack.

Remove those coats that are out of season and place into storage; clean and donate those coats that are in good shape but are no longer worn. You’ll have more room to store what you do wear.

Car/Truck Dashboard.

Is your dashboard clear and ready for action? Clear out any receipts, papers or any other items to so that you drive with ease (no more distractions or papers flying about) and in safety.

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