31 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Find in Your Home

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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Find in Your Home

Are you looking for a collection of easy Halloween costume ideas?

Do you want creative Halloween costume ideas that are super simple to make…and don’t break the bank?

I challenged myself to come up with a list of homemade costume ideas that people could assemble, quickly, and easily, simply by “shopping” the rooms of their home.

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive Halloween costume, all you have to do is walk through the rooms of your home and use your imagination!

This list of easy Halloween costume ideas is definitely one you’ll want to bookmark.

Simply look through the different categories below to locate a Halloween costume for yourself.

You may even be inspired to look through your closet to find your own costume ideas and related props.

What’s more, you may be surprised at how easily you can assemble a costume in a single room of your home. I certainly was!

Without further ado, take a look at these clever Halloween costumes.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Kitchen:

1. Chef – Dig out an apron, toque (if you have one), potholders, bowl, mixing spoon and pair of tongs.

2. Waiter – Search for an apron, serving tray, white towel, bottle/wine opener and bottle of wine.

3. Kitchen Appliance – Find a large empty box from a recently installed kitchen appliance (think refrigerator, microwave oven, or oven). Tape up any open flaps with packing tape, cut out holes for your arms and head and slide over your head.

4. Infomercial Host – Find some famous/infamous infomercial kitchen ware device. Wear khakis, a casual shirt and a bright smile on your face. Advertise your wares for only $19.99!

5. Spice Hunter – Get an old belt or a piece of fabric that’s long enough to drape over your shoulder like a sash or bandolier. Affix empty bottles of spices with tape or glue. Drape your homemade bandolier across your shoulder. Carry around a mortar and pestle and/or a pepper grinder.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Dining Room:

6. King or Queen – Take down heavy drapery (red or purple if you can, other regal patterns will work too) and wrap around your shoulders. Wear a cardboard crown.

7. Candelabra – Dress in silver clothing and wear a crown made out of tinfoil with holders for several white candles.

8. Picnic Table – Find a checkered table-cloth and attach plastic spoons, forks, paper plates, napkins and plastic/paper cups. Wear the spruced up table-cloth like a cape.

9. Table Setting – Find a fabric placemat, fabric napkin, fork and spoon and affix to one another. Affix to a sweatshirt or shirt and you’re done.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Living Room:

10. Couch Potato – Dress in sweats or PJs and carry around a remote control, bag of chips, and an empty can of the beverage of your choice.

11. Pillow – Using heavy-duty string, tie two pillows in front and behind you.

12. Couch – Wear a flowery print dress, shirt or pants and throw on a plastic couch cover (or a large plastic bag with holes cut out for your head and arms) over the lot.

13. Magazine Rack – Find two large pieces of cardboard and using string or duct tape, fashion the pieces into a sandwich board. Create little shelving grooves with duct tape, find assorted magazines and adorn the board with magazines.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Bathroom:

14. Plumber – Pull together a brand-new, unused plunger, sink stopper, and an empty bottle of pipe cleanser. Don’t forget the coveralls.

15. Cleaning Person – Dig out a bucket, mop, yellow or blue rubber gloves, sponge, brush and rag.

16. Beauty Queen –  Make a crown out of a rolled up and secured towel. Adorn towel with your favorite small cosmetics, nail polish, emery board, mascara, eyeliner, etc.

17. Sunday Spa – Wear an application of face mask, fluffy slippers, bathrobe, and hair your set in curlers.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Bedroom:

18. Runner – Don a headband, sneakers, socks, wristwatch, water bottle, and racing bib.

19. Cowboy/Cowgirl – Pull out some blue jeans, plaid shirt, cowboy/straw hat, cowboy boots and a leather belt.

20. Pirate – Find a pair of tall leather boots, white shirt, baggy black pants or long skirt, play sword, eyepatch, and tie a piece of fabric around the waist.

21. Business Person – Dig out a suit, briefcase, dress shoes and tie. Bonus points for printing out a presentation deck.

22. Pajama Party – Wear pajamas, carry around a pillow, blanket, and a container of popcorn.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Mud Room:

23. Explorer – Don hiking boots, hiking pole, a big oversized parka, and snow goggles.

24. Fisherman – Fish out some boots, waders, vest, fishing hat, fishing pole and lures.

25. Hockey Player – Put on some hockey pads, mask and shirt. Carry around a hockey stick or cardboard equivalent.

26. Bike Rider – Wear a bike helmet, bike shoes, sunglasses, racing bib, and lots of spandex.

27. Skateboarder – Find a skateboard, and wear sneakers, shorts and t-shirt.

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Found in the Garage:

28. Tennis Pro – Get a tennis racket and some tennis balls. Wear tennis whites and add a headband, socks and tennis sneakers.

29. Golf Player – Wear a pair of golf cleats, carry around golf balls if feeling light, golf club if you want too, and tees. Wear a polo shirt and plaid pair of shorts or pants.

30. Beach Swimmer – Put an inflatable water toy around your waist, throw a towel around your shoulders, goggles on your head, and carry around a bucket and spade. Of course, wear a swimsuit.

31. Handyman – Wear jeans, a flannel shirt and heavy work boots/hiking boots. Wear a tool belt, filled with plastic toy equivalent or cardboard cutout (less heavy to wear) of a screwdriver, hammer, saw, etc.

How about you? What are your ideas for Halloween costumes you can find in the rooms of your home? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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