Organizing Tip: 10 Questions to Help You Whittle Down Your Books

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Do you own lots and lots of books?  10 Questions to Help You Whittle Down Your Books

Perhaps you recently purchased an eReader with the intent of slimming down your library.

Unfortunately, your plans have stalled.

You’ve still got a giant collection of physical books with which to contend.

Today’s post offers list of ten quick questions to help you slim down your personal library.

Perhaps it’s time to get those books on an eReader, or let the titles go completely…

Be honest with yourself as you work your way through the questions.

Remember, you’re working towards a less cluttered, less overwhelming, and more manageable living space.

Need help organizing your books?

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1. Which 5 books would you rescue in a heartbeat if your home or residence were in peril?

2. Which books haven’t you touched or read in years?

3. Which books have little to no value to you?

4. Which books feel like baggage to you? Are you tired of looking at them, tripping over them, or are just plain tired of them?

5. Which books or titles would you be willing to have at ready reference stored on an eReader?

6. Which books do you enjoy referring to in print versus digitized form?

7. Which books simply aren’t yours and need to be returned to their lenders?

8. Which books are you saving purely because you think they *might* be a rare edition(s) or of some monetary value? (It might be time to get them checked out).

9. Which books are you most happiest reading or using?

10. Would you be willing to open a separate storage unit for your books at the expense it would cost you on a monthly and/or yearly basis?

How about you? How is your physical library looking? Do any of the above questions strike a particular chord with you? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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