Order As Art: Things Organized Neatly

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There’s things organized, and then there’s things organized neatly…

I’ve been meaning to share the Tumblr photoblog Things Organized Neatly for sometime; I first came across it after reading an article in The New York Times Magazine earlier this year. The site is maintained by a man named Austin Radcliffe and has some absolutely wonderful photos of, well, things that are organized neatly.

You may ask, “But what things?” Quite simply, it’s lots of big things and little things. Edible things and non-edible things. Living things and non-living things. Things you would think of organizing and things you wouldn’t think of organizing. There’s car parts, components of shoes, office and desk supplies, leaves and flowers, feathers, butterflies, fruits, old cameras, sandwiches, pencils…the list goes on and on.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time on the site. The pages themselves are very simple and clean-looking, with an emphasis on the posted high-resolution photographs. Anyone can submit a photograph for inclusion on the site – be sure to read about the specific submission requirements.

For me, the appeal of the site is threefold: 1) I like seeing what different items end up being organized, 2) I love the different colors and shapes that show up — soft lines, hard lines, colorful images and black and white too, and 3) Seeing things organized neatly this way is like seeing a magic trick; there’s a certain “wow” factor it knowing that someone had to organize the items. Oh, and of course some of the photos are really stunning too.

Have you ever visited Things Organized Neatly? What is the appeal of things organized neatly to you?

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