“It’s Over!” How to Break up with Your Productivity App

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“It’s not me, it’s you.”Image of a heartbreak with the words "My favorite app"

Have you ever fallen in love with a productivity app?

You buy it with every intent to use it on a daily basis, but something isn’t clicking. The more you try to work with the app, the more you realize something isn’t right.

It’s harder to get things done and you’re frustrated and tired. You could be sabotaging your own productivity without even realizing it!

In this post I take an interesting spin on productivity apps: coming to terms with an app that isn’t for you.

Here’s some items to look out for once the “honeymoon” period has come and gone:

What app features did you absolutely hate or despise?

As much as your app may have been lauded as “top app of the year,” all the bells and whistles and features in the world can’t fix something you don’t mesh with in the first place.

I’ve downloaded plenty of apps that were considered by other as great tools, but for me, well, the situation seemed to be different.I’ve had award-winning apps consistently crash and lose all of my data. Now that’s frustrating.

Once you’ve figured out an app isn’t for you, it’s time to take stock what you didn’t like about it. Was the app buggy? Did you dislike the screen colors, screen layout or loading time? Was it difficult to enter information or data or just plain use the app in the first place?

What app features did you like?

Okay, so things aren’t ending happily after all with your app, but there was something that caught your eye in the beginning.

What was it? Was it idea of having information contained or stored in a certain format? Was it the ability to switch views, take photos and notes easily or share information via social media that made you fall in love? Maybe it was a fast load time and an easy-to-use data entry keypad?

Clean up remnants from your relationship.

Before you finally cut the cord with your app, make sure you transfer over any data to your computer or backup drive. Do some research online to see if you can export information for your records.

You might want to consider holding on to the app until you’ve found a suitable replacement. Only delete the old app once you know you’ve properly secured all of your data.

There’s plenty more apps in the sea…

While this app didn’t work for your needs, remember there are other apps out there! Look for traits you’re genuinely interested in and steer clear of those other traits you cannot stand. You should select an app for your needs or consider overhauling your approach towards using an app.

How about you? Is there an app or two in your smart phone or computer you are finally going to say farewell to? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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