How to Manage Your Time Without Getting Stressed Out

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image of men forming a clock and the phrase, How to Manage Your Time Without Getting Stressed Are you looking to better manage your time?

Worried that you’ll become stressed out and frazzled in the process?

Time management doesn’t have to be an exercise in stress!

In this post, I offer a few tips to help you manage your time in a stress-free manner.

Stop the blame game.

Do you point fingers when it comes to managing your time?

You might blame traffic, other people, or perhaps even your professional and personal responsibilities.

Unfortunately, this is not the best use of your time (no pun intended!).

You’ll become increasingly frustrated as you cite all the many reasons why time is working against you.

Instead of pointing fingers, how about flexing those digits and putting them to work for you?

Save yourself from a stress-fest and consider looking for solutions instead.

Focus on improving just one aspect of time management.

You’d like to stop being late to meetings, leave your house on time in the morning, and meet all of your deadlines. Sounds overwhelming, right?

You don’t have to make such broad changes to your habits all at once. In fact, try improving just one key aspect of your schedule.

In the example above, it might bode well for you to practice leaving your house on time.

Set a goal to work on this one time management issue over the next week, or couple of weeks.

You may find focusing on one aspect of your time has a wonderful ripple effect in the rest of your schedule.

After all, leaving your home on time may help you stop arriving late to morning meetings at the office, and give you several hours to make your daily afternoon deadlines.

Don’t expect miracles.

Think you can drive to your appointment way across town in ten minutes when you know it takes you at least thirty minutes to get there? Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen.

While time management can help you better plan your day, time management does not give you the gift of time travel.

Resist making broad statements about your time that you know in your heart of hearts are not true.

You’ll just set yourself up for disappointment, and a potentially stressful situation.

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Practice makes perfect.

Just like anything in life, practice makes perfect. It takes time to manage your time, and it takes time to become a better manager of your time.

Okay, so you accidentally double-booked your Friday night with friends and underestimated the time it would take you to finish updating your website. It’s all going to be okay. Really, it is!

The more you practice time management, the better you’ll become at dealing with those minutes and hours.

How about you? Do you ever get stressed out or overwhelmed at the thought of managing your time? How might you handle your time management skills in future after reading this post? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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