How to Get Organized After a Shopping Trip

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How to Get Organized After a Shopping TripDo you ever feel as if you need to get organized after a trip to the store or shopping center?

Are you looking for some practical pointers on how to keep your home clean and clutter-free?

While a shopping trip brings new items into your home, it also brings about a set of minor household-related tasks that need your attention.

In this post, I offer a few tips to help you keep your home in order after a whirlwind shopping trip.

Follow these simple tips after your next shopping trip to keep your home and personal belongings neat and tidy.


Organize shopping bags and boxes.

Practically every shopping trip involves some sort of bag, box, container, or parcel.

Dealing with these materials right away ensures they won’t end up cluttering your home.

You can start by either recycling or storing paper and plastic bags for future use.

As far as boxes and other parcel materials go, check with your local municipality to see how these items should be processed (recycled or trashed).

What if you used reusable bags for your shopping trip? Now’s the time to fold and get them ready for your next excursion.

You can hang the bags on a hook in the hallway, place them in a kitchen drawer, tuck them into your purse or backpack, or store them in your car’s trunk.

Gather and process paper.

Has this ever happened to you? You come home from a shopping trip and realize your bag or purse has gathered a significant amount of paper.

You’ve picked up a variety of manufacturer’s coupons, flyers, brochures, business and promo cards. It’s worth investing a few minutes now to deal with all this paper before it becomes out of hand.

If you picked up product or service coupons, tuck them into your wallet or coupon book for your next shopping trip. Mark important dates or events in your calendar or planner and transfer business card or contact information into your phone or computer’s contacts app. When you’re finished, promptly recycle materials.

If you purchased a big-ticket item, such as a medium or large sized appliance, or anything that came with an instruction manual or papers, take a moment to store the manual in a file folder, or reference binder, for future use.

Collect and store receipts.

Oh, those receipts. They’re not important until you need them, right? All the more reason to have them at the ready!

Take a minute to go through your purse, wallet, and pockets, and collect any and all receipts. Transfer receipts to an office inbox or envelope for processing or in case you need to return an item or make an exchange.

If you asked for a receipt via email, simply move and store the email in a separate email receipt folder for safekeeping.

Organize money.

Misplaced money causes way more headaches than it needs to; no one wants to misplace $200 dollars at home and then spend their afternoon searching for it high and low. This is why it’s smart to organize your money after a shopping transaction.

Round up those loose bills, organize them, and place them neatly back into your wallet. The same goes for loose change; simply tuck change into your wallet or coin purse.

If you’re keen on saving money, gather the change from your trip, and drop it into a collection jar or container to save for a special occasion or rainy day.

Find storage location for items.

Use the momentum from your shopping trip to find a home for recently purchased items. This ensures items end up where they’re supposed to be in your home. You won’t have to think about, search for or store items days, weeks, or months later. The task will already be done.

So, take a deep breath and find a place in your closet for your new sweater, stash those canned goods in the pantry, put those towels in the bathroom linen closet, and place that new coffeemaker on the kitchen counter. You’ll be glad you did!

How about you? How do you get yourself organized after a shopping trip? Which of the above tips are you going to follow after your next excursion? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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