How to Arrive to a Transportation Hub on Time

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Image of a ferryboat, photography by R. Isip

Do you arrive late to or completely miss public transportation or other travel connections?

Wondering how to improve your record and catch your next bus/plane/train/boat/taxi?

In this post I offer a few tips to help you arrive at your next transportation destination with time to spare!

Don’t confuse a transport’s departure time with your arrival time.

This may sound all too simple, but it’s worth stating: the scheduled departure time for your transport is not the time by which you need to arrive at the  station, airport, terminal, depot or dock. You need to be aboard your mode of transportation well before this designated time.

I know this advice sounds like common sense (and it is), but being consciously aware of this fact can really help save you from travel headaches in future. Get in the habit of counting back from a departure time, say anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, and set that as your target arrival time to an airport or bus gate or train track.

Take into account the variables of people, places and weather.

While you should always keep these variables into account when traveling, these items tend to have a compound effect in transit hubs. Physically speaking, it takes more time to move numbers of people from waiting areas to planes, to walk from a taxi stand to the end of the train track, and to negotiate your luggage around large puddles in a bus station parking lot. If you’re unfamiliar with the layout of a transportation hub, give yourself a bit more travel time than you normally would to deal with one or all of the above variables. Just because you’ve arrived on time at the airport doesn’t help you if you have to wait 20 minutes to get through security checkpoints.

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Focus on getting there.

The easiest way to ensure a timely arrival is to focus on getting from point A to point B. Do everything in your power to allow your mind to focus on the plain act of traveling. Make a list of items you’ll need, pack personal or work items and plan your travel route ahead of time. Before you leave home or the office, make sure you have all travel related materials on hand before you leave such as tickets, boarding passes or an official form of identification. When you get to your transportation destination and board your craft, you can then relax and turn your attention to something else.

How about you? Have you ever misjudged your time getting to or through a transit hub? What did you learn from your experience? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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