How to Make a Smooth Transition into Daylight Saving Time

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Image of a sun in a tree, photography by R. Isip

Daylight Saving Time will be rolling around later this month on Sunday, March 9th.

If you live in an area that observes this time adjustment, you’ll “spring forward” by advancing your clocks one hour ahead.

Having longer hours of daylight in the evening is nice, but getting up in the morning can sure be a real drag…

In this post I offer a few quick tips to help make the time change a little less hectic during your morning routine.

Go to bed early the night before.

Simple advice yes, but it’s a great way to make sure you get a full night’s rest. Just resign yourself to the fact that for a couple of days you’ll go bed a few hours earlier than your usual time so your body can adjust to the time shift. It might be a couple of early nights, but hey, you could probably do with a good night’s sleep anyway.

Set two alarms.

Have trouble getting up in the morning? Consider giving yourself a bit of backup and set two alarm clock; one alarm at your usual wake up time, the other for a minute or two later. You could leave the second alarm (perhaps your cellphone?) across your bedroom so that you have to get up and out of bed to turn it off.

Keep a regular schedule.

Think twice before resolving to take that new early morning yoga class. If you’re not used to waking up early there’s no sense in tacking on two time shocks to your system, that is, waking up early in addition to waking up early during the change to Daylight Saving Time.

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Organize your outfits for the next couple of days.

Pull out a few different outfits for the next few days and store ‘em in your closet or stacked neatly upon a dresser. Your clothes will be ready for you each and every morning and you won’t have to stand there sleepy-eyed wondering what to wear…

How about you? Do you enjoy springing forward in Daylight Saving Time? What bothers you the most about springing forward? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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