Gravity Appreciation Day

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If there’s one thing we should be thankful for here on planet earth when it comes to keeping things in order, it’s the law of gravity.

We take gravity for granted on a regular basis, but just think how important it is to have a natural force that keeps items (and ourselves) all orderly and contained here on the crust of planet earth.

When I was a kid I did my fair share of dreaming about space travel and zero-gravity. How much fun it would be to twirl around in zero-gravity and play with objects floating inside a space shuttle cabin! Ironically, what was more interesting to me (organized person that I am) was learning that all items had to be compartmentalized and locked down for space travel. You couldn’t have things flying around haphazardly inside the shuttle cabin as they could cause injury to your person, or cause damage to the interior of the cabin.

Here on planet earth we don’t normally have items nailed to the walls and floors. Imagine though if we uprooted an average home and put it into a giant anti-gravity chamber. What would happen? Items that were once contained, such as a container full of pens and pencils, would suddenly become un-contained, drifting up and away, scattering across a room and spinning in all sorts of different directions. It would be equally hazardous for a person to navigate the chamber as they swam past tables, chairs, beds a refrigerator, a sink and a stove. Probably the most ironic part of this experiment is that if we suddenly turned on the gravity, everything would drop suddenly to the floor in a big, messy, heaping pile.

Here’s to not having to worry about items floating away when you set them down on a table or having them bumping into you as you “swim” through the air during the day. Although having some items compartmentalized here and there isn’t such a bad idea…

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