Getting Out of Order to Get Back Into Order: Fashion Edition!

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Sometimes, you need to take a step back from order to get back into order…

Do you ever find yourself wearing the same tried-and-true clothing outfits or “uniforms” day-in and day-out? You might need to make some adjustments to break away from that in-place order/structure to make some new order/structure…

The “uniform” outfit, can be great as a standby for those days when you need something that works in a pinch, or for those times when you are strongly considering wearing a large brown paper bag and calling it a day. There’s something to be said for repetition; familiarity, ease, predictability.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista, but today’s post hopes to have you consider the individual parts (individual pieces of clothing), as opposed to the whole (a full outfit). If you are tired with your repetition of outfits, back up your thinking a bit and start at the beginning to see how you might want to re-lay your fashion foundation.

As an extreme measure, you could mimic those combination math exercises from grammar school and turn off all the lights and get dressed in the dark to see how many different outfit combinations you can come up with (not for the faint of heart). Or the next time you find yourself reaching for the tried and true outfit and when you are in the mood, think about what other order options you could take that day. Try a different dressing path and see where you land order-wise. You might just surprise yourself! In a good way, that is.

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