Get Your Goals in Order with This New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

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Get Your Goals in Order with This New Year’s Resolution WorksheetAre you thinking about setting a New Year’s Resolution for yourself in the New Year?

Wondering where you should start to ensure your success?

In this post, I offer some helpful instructions to help you organize your thoughts and goals when it comes to your New Year’s Resolution.

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Let’s get started!


What is your resolution or goal?

What do you want to ultimately accomplish in the New Year?

Your resolution, or goal, should be as descriptive as possible to not only help you in your planning, but to create a vivid picture or image of your success.

Make sure you include a specific quantifiable goal, specific actions you will take, and a date by which you will reach your goal.

For example: “I will organize 10 boxes of my family photos and put them into albums, by working one hour per week, by June 30th 20XX.”

What specific steps must you take in order to reach your goal?

These are the actual tasks that must be completed so you can achieve your goal.

Break down your tasks into as many steps as you need. The idea is to make everything manageable.

Depending on your goal, you might need to use another sheet of paper to help you list out your tasks.

In the example above, you might list:

  1. Schedule one hour in my calendar each week to organize photos
  2. Secure a large empty box, marker, plastic zipper bags and labels to help with the organization process
  3. Buy photo albums

What’s one small task you can do every single day to help you get closer to your goal?

Reaching a goal is all about the little things; tasks included! What small thing can you every day to help you reach your goal?

It doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Maybe you’d like to complete a small task from your list, or work on building a habit to help you work towards your goal.

In our example, you could spend ten minutes each day sorting through photos, instead of sitting down for sixty minutes at a time.

When will you review your progress each week?

Working on your resolution in one thing…reviewing your progress is entirely another. Mark a specific day and time in your calendar so you can sit down and review what happened each and every week until your goal date.

What progress did you make? What went well? What didn’t go so well?

What will you do in sticky situations, or if you “fall off the horse?”

There will be times when you don’t feel like working on your goal, or when outside or external forces make it really difficult for you to stick to your goal.

There’s no need to worry; all you have to do is make, and have a plan.

In our example above, how will you handle getting to your photos if you have a series of very busy days at work? You might decide to do an hour-long session on Sunday to make up for your time.

What if you don’t feel like organizing photos one week? You might plan to take a break for a week…and then get back to sorting 10 photos at a time each day.

Who will be your support group?

It can be hard to stick to a routine or plan, but having people nearby who will keep you accountable can make it a bit more palatable.

Choose three people who will act as your inspiration (someone who inspires you to reach your goal), cheerleader (someone who will encourage you and motivate you when things get rough), and reality-checker (someone who tells it like it is and keeps you honest).

Tell them about your resolution and how you’d like them to help you reach your goal.

How will you reward yourself or celebrate when you reach your goal?

Make your reward as descriptive and vivid as possible. You want to have such an exciting, interesting and wholly satisfying reward waiting for you after all of your hard work…this is what will keep you going!

In our example, you might decide to showcase your handiwork at your family reunion in July and buy yourself a brand-new digital camera.   

How about you? What is your New Year’s Resolution? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

Get Your Goals in Order with This New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

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