Get Organized at Our Back to School HQ!

Get Organized at Back to School HQ

Are you headed back to high school, college, or university this month or next?

Maybe you’re getting ready to go back to the office or your place of work after a relaxing and relatively quiet summer.

Perhaps you’ll be holding down the fort, working from your home office, or taking care of your household.

Getting organized for back to school and back to work season can be a difficult and challenging time of year.

There’s so much to deal with, from organizing and shopping for school and office supplies and clothes, to tidying up your home and office, to learning how to balance your schedule…and get your work done in as productive a manner as possible. Phew!

Just exactly where should you start when it comes to being more organized, a better manager of your time, or more productive in general?

Well, have I got a treat (and a helpful starting point) for you!

I’ve been working hard over the past few days putting together a special resource to help you navigate the back to school season with ease.

Introducing The Order Expert’s Back to School HQ (or headquarters, for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation).

This special seasonal section on the blog is dedicated to all things back to school.

There you’ll find a collection of hand-picked posts from our archives to help you get things in order at school, work, and home.

To help you, I’ve divided up the blog posts on the page into seven practical subcategories:

  • School Organization Tips – organizing papers, making lists, using a planner…
  • Time Management Skills for School – studying, planning projects, setting deadlines…
  • Productivity Tips for School – ways to be more productive, what you need to know about productivity, staying focused…
  • Office Organization Tips for Work – filing papers, keeping track of office supplies, organizing notebooks…
  • Time Management Skills for Work – how to stay on time, time management questions to ask yourself, improving your skills…
  • Productivity Tips for Work – how to make better decisions, process email, and streamline your to-do lists…
  • Home Organization Tips – decluttering the home, making meal plans, tidying up spaces…

What’s more, I’ve also put together two very special promotions for Back to School season that I think you’ll like. 🙂

You might say there’s a little something for everyone!

And even if you’re not headed off to school, work, or managing a home this fall, I’m sure there’s some tips and pointers that you may find useful.

Ready to begin? Click here to visit Back to School HQ. 

Are you looking for even more tips from The Order Expert? You definitely check out our most popular posts on the blog here.

Here’s to a successful and less-stressful back to school season!

I hope to see you soon at Back to School HQ! 

Yours in order,


How about you? What do you think is the most difficult or challenging part about getting into back to school or back to work mode? Is it managing your schedule? Getting your home and office organized? Or being more productive while you work? What do you think of Back to School HQ? Join the conversation and leave a comment below! 

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