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Declutter Your Email and Breathe a Deep Sigh of Relief

with The Order Expert® Empty Inbox™ Online Course

An online course that shows you how to confidently clean out your inbox so you feel totally in control of your email messages.

If you’re drowning in email messages at work and home…

You need to stop ignoring the problem and take action!

You let out a deep groan and roll your eyes every time you check your email. 

You’re tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated by what’s sitting in your inbox.

You’re completely stressed out by the number of messages in your account.  

You’ve read countless books and articles on how declutter emails, but nothing seems to stick. 

You need to do something…but you’re not into the email extremes of inbox zero or declaring “email bankruptcy.” 

What you need to know right now is…

You can feel in control of your email without making a knee-jerk, split-section decision to declutter your messages (which only leaves  you feeling immediately regretful and frustrated!)

You can reduce the amount of messages you receive even if you’ve been struggling for months, allowing you to free up much-needed space in your inbox and breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

You can follow a practical system to declutter your inbox so you’ll never have to cry into your keyboard wondering how in the world you’re going to go declutter all those email messages.

Empty Inbox Online Course on Laptop on a Desk

Introducing The Order Expert®
Empty inbox™ online course!

Confidently declutter unwanted email and maintain a tidy and manageable inbox so you can get on with your life.

All sales are final.


Stop worrying about decluttering your inbox so you can focus what really matters: your work and personal responsibilities 


Feel at peace knowing your messages are under control…without having to resort to last-minute, soul-crushing, hours-long decluttering sessions 


Know where to find key messages, documents, and files so you can quickly locate important information, when you need it 


Never feel overwhelmed by your inbox again because you have a practical system to help you keep things under control! 

Here’s What You’ll LEARN With The

Empty Inbox™ Online Course

Repairing Your Relationship with Email

You’ll learn how to create a refreshed relationship with email so you feel confident, empowered, and excited about decluttering your inbox. 


Evaluating Your Inbox

You’ll learn how to conduct an inbox audit and how to evaluate the contents of your inbox step-by-step.

Decluttering Your Inbox

You will learn practical skills and techniques to help you declutter messages from your inbox and create a decluttering plan of action. 

Keeping Your Inbox Clutter-Free

You’ll learn the regular must-do habits you need to practice daily, weekly, and monthly to keep your inbox clutter-free now and in future. 

Ensuring Your Future Email Success

You’ll learn key tips to help you cut down on email usage immediately and how to successfully maintain your inbox for weeks and months to come. 

Customer Headshot

Fantastic! Life-changing! I have learned new tools and I’m moving forward in my work, despite years of project backlog. This experience turned out to be amazing and super-helpful!

Jonathan R.

Customer Headshot

Rashelle identified specific steps for me to take and reduced the overwhelmed feeling I had about my changing work situation. I highly recommend her expertise and am grateful I found her.

Michelle A.

What's included in the course:


5 online video lessons that give you the mindset, tools, tips, and habits you need to blast through email overwhelm, declutter your inbox, and keep messages manageable 


10 downloadable and fillable PDF worksheets, cheat sheets, and guides to help you plan, stay organized, and keep on track in your coursework 


PDF transcripts of all 5 video lessons so you can quickly and easily reference information whenever you need it 


24/7 access to the course in our online course platform so you can watch on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone  

 If you’re ready to stop worrying about your inbox feel confident and in control of your messages, this is the online course for you.


You May Be Wondering...

 “What makes this course different?”

We tackle your inbox in a way other courses don’t. 

Other email inbox decluttering courses will have you: 

Follow unrealistic, rigid, and uncomfortable structures.

You’re told exactly how many emails you should have in your inbox at any one time, the exact folder system you should follow, and that you should have finished decluttering your inbox yesterday. Reality check please! These unrealistic structures can leave you feeling even more stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated. 

Learn a system that isn’t "you."

You want to follow a practical system…but it feels like the course creators don’t “get” you. Their systems and practices feel too complicated, too convoluted, and too puzzling. The whole system feels so clunky and cringe-worthy that you feel like giving up and throwing your laptop against the wall in a fit of fury. 

Subscribe to the "one-and-done" approach.

You need to declutter your inbox. You’re told how to declutter your inbox. You declutter your inbox. That’s the end of story, right? Wrong! Decluttering should never be approached with an “oh-my-goodness-my-email-account-is-about-to-explode attitude” where you take scattershot action, wishing, and hoping for the best in the future. That’s a true recipe for disaster. 

Plow through a course…and leave you hanging.

You’ve eagerly worked your way through the course. But when it finally comes to actually doing the work, you’re still overwhelmed and uninspired. Your inbox is still jam-packed full of emails, more messages are coming in every single day, and you’ve got a massive pounding headache. What gives? 

The reason why these approaches don’t work is because…

You’re creative and curious.

You know you need to declutter your inbox, but you want the freedom and flexibility to declutter your inbox on your terms. You want a say in how many emails you keep in your inbox at any one time, how you store and retrieve information, and how you interact with your inbox.

You need guidance, *not* a directive.

You want to follow a smart system, but you don’t want one that’s so rigid and restrictive that you have no time to work, play, or sleep. You don’t want to worry about how many messages you decluttered (or not) because you didn’t follow the system to the letter. Who wants to live their life like that? And who’s the boss of your inbox after all? You are!  

You’re 100% unique.

You are a unique indvidual. You’ve got unique goals, dreams, and aspirations. And guess what? Your email inbox is 100% unique too! You need to learn how to confidently deal with your inbox so it doesn’t engulf your personal and professional lives.

You need help with your email mindset, BIG TIME.

 Your relationship with email is so-so. What’s more, your relationship to email hasn’t been properly addressed or discussed. The big truth that no one talks about is that you 100% need to repair your sucky relationship with email! Only then can you successfully proceed and keep your inbox clutter-free.  

Why Is Empty Inbox™ Different?

We tackle the process from *both* sides.

First, we help you repair your relationship with email and improve your email mindset so you can take action with both clarity and confidence.

Second, we give you practical step-by-step instruction to successfully evaluate, process, and keep email clutter at bay. 

Let me ask you a question..what does a different relationship with your inbox mean to the rest of your life? 

What’s possible from not having that constant frustration, worry, anxiety, headache, and “I’m so [choose your favorite expletive] tired of this email clutter!”

You could…


Work easily and effortlessly in your inbox.

That shadow of doubt, worry, and concern of how you’re going to free up space in your inbox has finally vanished. You can sit down and work inside your inbox without having the email scaries show up at 9 A.M. on Monday morning. 


Find information, materials, and more without flinching.

Easily locate messages whenever someone asks you for an important piece of information related to that big client project or when you need to locate that exciting invitation to your family’s 10-year reunion near the seaside next summer. 


Say goodbye to unnecessary email stress.

Imagine having emails sent to your inbox and not feeling a pang of regret or frustration when they come in. There’s no more worry or doubt about how to manage your inbox. You know how to process and declutter emails so they stay neat and tidy. 


Get ALL your email inboxes under control.

You’ve got more than one email inbox. You’ve probably got several, one for work, home, and maybe even a few more! Can you imagine what it would be like to finally have those inboxes under your finger? No more wondering how you’re going to declutter those exploding inboxes…you’ve got everything under control.


Have more focused time and energy for your friends and family.

Let’s face it: less time sifting through your inbox means more time spent with loved ones. You won’t have to frantically use your phone trying to free up space during your aunt’s 100th birthday party, your kids’ championship soccer game, or when you’re just relaxing on the weekend. 


Get a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning.

Gone are those last-minute, middle-of-the-night decluttering blitzes where you hope and pray you’ve decluttered enough emails to keep your inbox under the message limit. You’ll sleep soundly knowing your email inbox is well-in hand. 


Feel confident that you finally know how to declutter emails.

 And know that you can get on with your life while those other people wander around wide-eyed, with dark circles under their eyes, stressed being stressed out about their email and on and on. 

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn in the course?

This online course was designed to help you confidently declutter your inbox so you feel totally in control of your email. You’ll learn how to repair your relationship with email, evaluate the contents of your inbox, and how to efficiently declutter messages. You’ll also learn key email management habits and how to successfully maintain your inbox in future. 

What makes this course different from other courses?

We tackle the decluttering process using a two-pronged approach. First, you’ll learn how to improve your email mindset so you can take action to declutter your inboxes with both clarity and confidence. Second, you’ll also learn a practical step by-step process to evaluate, process, and keep email clutter at bay. You’ll get support you every step of the way! 

What’s included in the course?

You’ll receive 5 online video lessons that give you the mindset, tools, tips, and habits you need to blast through email overwhelm and declutter your inbox. What’s more, you’ll get 10 downloadable and fillable PDF worksheets, cheat sheets, and guides to help you stay on track in your coursework. You’ll also get PDF transcripts of all 5 video lessons as well as 24/7 access to the course in our online course platform. 

What types of email inboxes can I declutter with this course?

You can use this course to declutter any type of email inbox. The course provides a practical system you can follow for work inboxes, personal inboxes, school inboxes, and more! If you’ve got an email inbox, this course can help you declutter it!

How do I access the course?

You’ll receive instant access to the course in our student portal via your email sales receipt as soon as you purchase the course. You can start decluttering your inbox right away!

Can I take this course more than once?

Yes, you can! You can take this course as many times as you’d like in our online course platform. 

The Order Expert®
EMPTY INBOX™ Online Course

Empty Inbox Desktop Image

5 online video lessons designed to help you make progress quickly and easily


10 downloadable and fillable PDF worksheets, cheat sheets, and guides 


PDF transcripts of all online video lessons


24/7 access to the course in our online course platform

Declutter your inbox with a trusted guide for one easy payment of $497 

or make five easy payments of just $117!

All sales are final.

“Highly Recommended”

I highly recommend Rashelle. She is professional, witty, and methodical. She displays a keen understanding about what needs to be prioritized without cutting any corners. I would certainly hire her again.

Alyssa T., Journal of Philosophy at Columbia University

“Important Difference in Organizing: Clean & Simple!”

I recently found your site and immediately realized an important difference in how you approach organizing and, I’m sure, life in general. Two words: Clean & Simple! No fancy flowers, corny ideas, etc. Thanks!!!

Dinah A.

“Helpful Info Makes Life a Bit Smoother”

I want to say that I always read & enjoy your site; I pass the helpful info on to others too! Thank you for the many insights that make daily life a bit smoother; especially now with the pandemic turning life asunder!

Reader of

If you’ve been looking for a way to declutter emails in a practical, orderly, and efficient way, this is the course for you! 

Let’s face it: email isn’t going anywhere.

You use it on a daily basis for work, school, shopping, and staying in touch with loved ones. It only makes sense to learn how to use it properly so you can stay on top of things. 

And that means learning how to declutter your inbox and keep it neat and tidy. In this online course, you’ll learn solid decluttering habits, skills, and systems that will allow you to keep your inbox under control and in-check…now and in future.  

Buy The Course Now and Declutter Your inbox!

Blast away those unwanted emails and have more space and peace of mind! 

All sales final.

About Your Instructor

Rashelle Isip is a New York City-based productivity consultant and time management coach who helps entrepreneurs effectively manage their time and energy so they can reduce stress, work less, and make more money in their businesses and careers. 

Her books The Order Expert’s Guide to Time Management, How to Be More Organized Right Now, 31 Easy Ways to Get Organized in the New Year, and How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days provide practical steps and advice to help people bring more balance into their lives.

She is a contributing columnist for where she writes about productivity, time management, and work-life balance. She has been featured in a wide variety of national and international print and online media including Fast Company, NBC News, The Washington Post, Business Insider, NPR, Huff Post, Fox Business, and The Atlantic. 

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