6 Ways to Downsize Your Belongings

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Are you looking to shrink the total amount of things in your home?6 Ways to Downsize Your Belongings

Would you like a few creative ideas to get you motivated and inspired?

In this post, I offer six ways to help you downsize the belongings in your home.

You could also use these tips to downsize an office or workspace.

Return items to their owners.

You know those cross-country skis you borrowed from a friend?

How about that custom-made bicycle your neighbor asked you to babysit onto while they were on vacation?

You might find you have a lot of items in your possession that simply aren’t yours.

What have you been collecting and holding onto in your home over the years?

Collect and create a list of items, and get on the phone to schedule a few appointments to return items to their rightful owners.

Get rid of duplicate items.

There’s little sense in keeping duplicate items at home. They just take up precious space. Think about any duplicate items you may have hanging around your home. Perhaps you received an item as a gift, or purchased an item at a sale, but later realized you already owned the item. These might be items like small kitchen appliances, craft supplies, televisions, or computer monitors. Take a moment to donate or giveaway the duplicate, and enjoy your newly-found space.

Use existing storage or containers as a guide.

Let’s say you have a large magazine collection. The collection takes up several magazines holders (ten, to be exact) in your bookcase, and continues to spill onto the surrounding floor. Instead of collecting more and more magazines, you’ll sort through the magazines you own, and only keep an amount that will actually fit inside of the magazine holders. In some circumstances, you might decide to purposefully remove or purchase smaller containers to keep things under control.

Donate products you’ve never opened or used.

Do you have fully-sealed products or items sitting around at home that you know you’ll never use? Maybe a blender, model-making kit, office supplies or sports equipment that are the wrong size, color, shape, pattern, or make for your needs? It’s time to put this these items to use! Gather and donate these items away to a charity or aid organization.

Let go of items you use once in a blue moon.

Are there certain items in your home that don’t get used very often? Would it be less stressful for you and more convenient to simply rent or borrow the item when you need it? For example, if you only use your rowboat on a nearby lake twice per year, but hate transporting, maintaining, and storing the boat, you might decide to simply rent a rowboat when you need it. Yes, this method may cost you a few extra bucks, but less stress and more storage space is truly priceless.

Shrink the size of your collections.

If you’re a collector of anything, be it books, shoes, stamps, gems, take-out menus, fossils, or coins, you know that collections can literally grow overnight. Is your home is jam-packed with items? Don’t mind parting with a few? Scale back on the total number of items you’ll keep at any one time. You could sell items, give them away as gifts, or donate them to organizations of your choice.

How about you? Are you looking to downsize your belongings? Which of these methods do you think you’ll try out? Perhaps you have another method or plan in mind? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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