Do You Know What Affects Your Productivity?

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Image of greens in a bowl, coffee, and a laptop computer and the phrase, Do You Know What Affects Your ProductivityHave you ever wondered why you’re more productive some days, than others?

Are you looking to pinpoint the situations, environments, and experiences that can help you to work your best?

In this post, I offer a handy downloadable checklist to help you determine what affects your productivity levels.

Once you’ve completed the brief exercise, take a few minutes to review it carefully.

You may very well find some surprising facts about how you work during the day!

How to Use the Checklist:

First, download the checklist, or take notes on a separate piece of paper with a pen or pencil.

Next, read the prompts on the left hand side of the document and simply check off one the three boxes in the right hand columns: “Most Productive”, “Productive”, or “Least Productive,” accordingly.

How to Interpret Your Results:

This checklist is only meant to be used as a general guide when it comes to figuring out your productivity levels.

It can help you determine how factors in your surrounding environment are influencing how you work and study.ProductivityChecklist_TheOrderExpert

That being said, there’s no correct or incorrect answers for this checklist; it’s just a guide, not a test. Your results will be unique, just like you.

Once you’ve completed filling out the form, review your checklist and the prompts below:

  • Where/when are you the most productive? These will be the prompts with the “Most Productive” checkmarks.
  • Where/when are you the least productive? These will be the prompts with the “Least Productive” checkmarks.
  • What do you think or suspect is the cause of your low productivity levels? 
  • How might you reschedule your workload or assignments to ensure you make the most out of your most productive hours of the day?




How about you? Did you try completing the exercise above? What did you find out about your productivity levels? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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2 Responses

  1. Nick

    Found out I shouldn’t delay work until after normal hours…I’m very unproductive once I get home. Its tempting to leave tasks for after dinner, but its an ineffective time.
    Rather..make the most out of first few hours at work, with a cup of coffee and a quiet room.

    • Rashelle

      Sounds like you’ve uncovered some key information about your work habits, Nick. I hope your new work approach will help you get more done in the AM!