App Review: Buffer

Image of phrase "App Review: Buffer"We continue the latest series here on the blog— reviews of organizing, time management and productivity apps! I’ll be reviewing a new app every couple of weeks, so be sure to stop by the blog often! *Full disclosure: I am not being compensated, financially or otherwise in any shape, form, type, or sort for using, reviewing or mentioning these apps.

Are you on a variety of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+?

Wondering how to better manage your time using social media?

In today’s post I review one of my favorite social media apps, Buffer.

Buffer is a social media app that allows you to schedule updates across a variety of social media platforms. In other words, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer or use your smart phone to publish your updates; you can schedule them ahead of time!

I’ve been using the free version of Buffer for quite some time now and simply love it. The app is easy to use and integrate into different social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook. At the moment, I only use Buffer for my Twitter account. I love being able to load up tweets ahead of time so I’m free to do other things throughout the day.

In the case of Twitter, not only can you custom schedule your own updates for different times of the day and week, but you can schedule re-tweets as well as track your updates in Buffer’s analytics section to see how they are being shared across social media.

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Occasionally the app will be a little slow or buggy, but I personally find this only to be a problem if I don’t log out of my account or if Twitter traffic is very busy. I have yet to use Buffer with Facebook or other social media accounts but will slowly be moving towards this path in future.

Not sure about jumping in to Buffer? No problem! Buffer is available as a free version, so you can try it out and use it as much as you like. There are a few caveats: you do have a limited number of posts you can buffer or load up at any given time, as well as a limited number of social media profiles you can use at one time. If you opt for the $10/month paid upgrade, you have access to unlimited post scheduling, can hook up your Buffer account to twelve social media profiles and can have two different people using a single account.

Now to you…do you like to keep your social media contained during one part of the day or are you always “on”? Do you think you’ll give Buffer a try? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

Full disclosure: I did and do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, in any shape, form, type, or sort for using, reviewing or mentioning the Buffer app.

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