6 Ways to Stop Losing Things

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Do you constantly misplace or lose items at home or work?6 Ways to Stop Losing Things

Tired of having to search for or replace items on a regular basis?

In this post, I offer six ways to help you to stop losing your things during your daily routine.

Create a storage space for items.

Items such as house and car keys, wallets, cell phones, and chargers tend to get lost because they don’t have specific storage locations when not in use.

Find a basket, tray, box, or container, and place it near your front door or entryway.

Whenever you enter the room, simply drop these items into their home.

Heading out? Just pick up the items as necessary.

Wear a lanyard, bracelet, or small pouch.

This tip is perfect for IDs, keys, glasses, and other small items that may get lost during the shuffle of daily life. You can purchase a lanyard, holder, bracelet, or small pouch at any convenience or drugstore. Attach or store the item in question, and wear it on your person.

Schedule a reminder or alert.

Put together a brief checklist of items you’ll need on a regular basis, say, when leaving the office at the end of the day. Then, schedule a reminder into your cell phone or laptop.

Whenever the reminder pops up, take a moment to make sure you have everything on your list. You can schedule these reminders throughout your day, at work, at school, the gym, and so on.

Use only one bag, briefcase, or purse.

Instead of carrying around two or more bags, try consolidating things into one bag. Now, you’ll only have one thing to keep track of, instead of several.

If you prefer to switch or change out the contents of your bag on a regular basis, you may find it helpful to purchase a purse or bag organizer. This allows you to move items from one bag to another with ease, and lessens the chance of you leaving something behind.

Never leave your personal items unattended.

Did you walk away from your purse or laptop bag for “just one minute” at the coffee shop, only to find it missing? I know, this is basic stuff, but seriously, never ever let your personal belongings out of your sight in a public!

Remember, thieves only need once chance to swipe your stuff. Don’t give them that opportunity.

What’s more, even if you’re in a semi-public area, such as an office, it doesn’t hurt to lock up your belongings in a drawer or cabinet. At the very least you’ll have peace of mind. At the very most, you won’t be a victim of theft.

Take a moment to look back.

This tip is great for commuters and all travelers. Before leaving a train, plane, bus, car, boat, tram, trolley, or subway, take a moment to look on top of, behind, around, and under the area in which you were sitting or standing.

It only takes five seconds to look back and see if you’ve accidentally left something behind.

How about you? What items do you have to keep a close eye on? Your keys, gloves, or glasses? Which of these tips are you going to try out? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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4 Responses

  1. Karen Hall

    I looped a ribbon with a ring stitched to the end onto the handle of my shoulder bag, and put the two keys to the office where I worked on the ring.
    Thus, if I had my bag, I had my office keys. Carrying the bag “cross body” I could unlock the door without dropping the keys or setting down my laptop and lunchbox.
    If I was leaving the office and not expecting to come back before lock-up time, but didn’t want my bag with me, I unlooped the ribbon with the keys and wore it as a necklace.

    • Rashelle

      That’s a clever idea, Karen. I appreciate the versatility of the ribbon for shoulder bag and non-shoulder bag use. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kevan

    Thanks Rashelle. My problem is that sometimes when travelling I forget to look back and end up loosing stuff sigh. What advice do you have for that??

    • Rashelle

      Hi Kevan, that’s a good question! Here’s two quick ideas for you: 1) Set a timer on your watch/cellphone/tablet while traveling to remind you to check your surroundings before you leave. 2) Place items inside your bag, briefcase, or backpack when you sit down (hat, gloves, earbuds, commuter pass, sunglasses, etc.), and only remove one item at a time, should you need it. That way, you have the majority of your belongings contained at any one time. I hope these tips help you keep tabs on your belongings!