5 Ways to Efficiently Manage a Backed Up To-Do List

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Is your to-do list backed up? Image of phrase, 5 Ways to Efficiently Manage a Backed Up To-Do List

Wondering how to manage everything so you can get back on track?

In this post I offer a few ways to help you deal with an overflowing and backed up to-do list.

Group smaller tasks together and work on them post-haste.

Often times a to-do list will have a series of smaller tasks which can be completed in a few minutes. These are the types of tasks you might look at and wince in frustration or annoyance, but in reality they are just small little things that won’t take much time to complete at all. Glance over your list and group together some tasks that can be tackled in quick succession…and finally take care of them!

Rotate tasks throughout the day.

If many of your tasks are equally important, rotating your work may be a good solution for you. Through this method you can get things done without spending large chunks of time on any one task. Let’s say you have three tasks that need to get done by the end of the day, A, B and C. Start working on task A for an hour or so, then switch to task B for an hour, followed by task C. Begin with task A once more until you have gone through the cycle and completed all your work.

Take care of older tasks first.

The best way to catch up on older tasks is to prioritize them. At the beginning of each day, choose a couple of older tasks to complete first before tackling any of your newer to-do list items. The last thing you want to do is to wait until the end of the day when you’re tired and don’t want to do anything. You might have to stagger your tasks this way for a while, but you’ll soon make a dent in your tasks.

Delegate tasks.

Sometimes the only way to break free from a congested to-do list is to recruit some help. Put your pride aside and scan your list for tasks that someone else can complete. These should be single, self-sufficient tasks. Do you have an assistant at work who can help you with paperwork? Can you hire someone to help you with household chores? Could you hire a teenager to help you take care of yard work?

Reschedule non-urgent tasks.

Take a look at your list and look for any items that are wholly non-urgent. These are items that do not have to be done today, this week, or even this month. It’s important you are honest with yourself here. You have the potential to free up a large chunk of space on your list, but only if you are serious about prioritizing your tasks. What items can you round-up and revisit in a few weeks or a few months’ time?

How about you? What concerns you the most when it comes to a backed up to-do list; completing old tasks or not falling behind on current tasks? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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