5 Reasons Why You Should Log Off Your Email and Just Work

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Image of people typing on keyboards and phrase, 5 Reasons Why You Should Log Off Your EmailDo you spend a lot of time in your email inbox at work?

Are you finding it difficult to sit down and actually finish your tasks and assignments?

In this post, I offer five reasons as to why you may want to take a break from your email inbox.

If you’ve already taken the plunge and don’t check your email as you work (good for you!), try logging off of something else.

It could be your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Pinterest account(s), or you could temporarily turn off your cell phone, or set your landline phone to go to voicemail.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could temporarily log off of your internet or WiFi connection.

You need to focus.

Pinging alerts.

Dialog boxes that pop open.

Email thread conversations that go on, and on.

That’s certainly no way to focus on what you’re doing!

Do yourself a favor and let your mind focus on your other work.

The easiest way to get something done, is to put your complete attention to it, and just do it.

Wouldn’t it be great to get your work done the first time around in record time, instead of having to spend hours correcting three or four rounds of mistakes?   

Your job is much more than answering emails.

Chances are, your job is much more than just answering emails. You’re making and creating things, having phone and in-person meetings, checking inventory, seeing customers, attending conferences, doing research, traveling, balancing budgets, and a whole bunch of other tasks and responsibilities I haven’t even mentioned. Email should be used as a tool to help you do your job, not prevent you from doing it.

You don’t check your postal inbox every five seconds.

How often do you check your postal inbox? Once a day? Maybe twice a day? Now, would you think of checking your postal mailbox every five seconds? Of course not! That’s not a productive way to spend your day. The same logic applies to checking your email inbox every five seconds. Unless you are waiting for an urgent document or file to come through, there really is no reason to sit and watch emails fill up your inbox.

You’ll breeze through your emails when you do check your email.

When you’re working under a deadline, what happens? Your work gets done, right? You’ve got a limited amount of time to do something, so you do it. You can apply this same mode of working to the way you process email. Instead of letting your email processing drag on, and on, set specific times, and specific amounts of time, to check and answer emails. You’ll work efficiently and won’t waste time.   

You’ll get more done.

Answering email is par for the course in today’s world of work. It’s a non-negotiable task. You have to take care of it, whether it’s earlier in the day or later in the day. So, why not put your efforts towards actually doing work that needs to get done? What if you could finally get that draft report off for proofreading, order those much-needed supplies, finalize those color samples, run those reports, and have that long-postponed meeting? Turn your attention to getting things done, and watch your productivity soar.

How about you? Do you keep your email open while you do other work on your computer? Do you think this helps or hinders your ability to get things  done? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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