5 Areas in Your Home to Declutter Before Spring Cleaning

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Springtime arrives in just a little over two weeks!

We’ve all heard about spring cleaning, but what about spring decluttering?

In this post I offer a few key areas in the home to declutter now before spring arrives.

Need a refresher on the basics of decluttering? Be sure to check out my post: Organizing Tip: The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Clutter.

Broom closet, under the kitchen sink or wherever you store cleaning supplies

Give yourself a head-start on your spring cleaning efforts later this month by making sure everything is in ship-shape order.

Properly dispose of any expired, leaking or otherwise unusable cleaning materials and supplies (be sure to check your local municipality’s website for proper disposal information).

Take stock of your cleaning materials and draw up a list of supplies to pick up the next time you’re at the supermarket or hardware store.

Bedroom nightstand.

Who wants an unpleasant reminder of all those winter days you were sick spent holed up in your bedroom, sneezing, coughing and feeling miserable?

Store any cold and flu medications and excess stashes of tissues back where they belong, recycle magazines and books you’ve long since finished reading, and dispose of any miscellaneous papers and notes, as well as any other odds and ends you’ve acquired over the past few months.

Give the nightstand a good wipe with an anti-bacterial cloth and you’ll have a nice clean space to look at when you go to sleep and arise in the morning.

Postal mail inbox

You made a New Year’s resolution to put all of your mail into an inbox on your kitchen counter or desk in your home office.

The only problem is that you haven’t cleared out the box in many months!

Comb through all of your correspondence, shred and/or recycle junk mail, pay bills, file statements and the like.

Refrigerator shelves and drawers.

What’s lurking inside your refrigerator from the post-holiday season?

While the open space in a fridge is an obvious target for clearing, you might not consider all those little nooks and crannies that hold can miscellaneous condiments and foodstuffs.

Take a look inside the doors and drawers and discard any food that has spoiled, gone rotten, looking a bit peaky or whose expiration date has since passed.

Hallways and/or entryways.

While winter isn’t yet officially over, you can at least begin the wintertime decluttering process by storing items you know you’ll no longer use.

Done skiing and ice skating for the season? Why not put your gear in dead storage in the garage, basement or other storage location?

Have a giant pack of ice-melt that’s still blocking your hallway corridor? Decant a smaller amount into a more manageable container and store the rest in an out-of-the-way location.

How about you? What area or areas of your home are you going to declutter now before spring arrives? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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