4 Tips to Help You Organize Jackets and Coats

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How to Organize Jackets and CoatsDo you regularly wrestle with mounds of jackets and coats in your hallway or hall closet?

Wondering how to organize everything and keep things under control?

In this post, I offer some tips to help you get a hold of all that outerwear, once and for all!

Weed out unwanted/unworn items.

You can free up a lot of space in your home by getting rid of unused or unwanted jackets and coats.

Out of all the items sitting in your hallway or hall closet, which jackets/coats have you not touched or worn for the past few seasons?

Which items no longer fit, are worn through, torn or stained?

Trash outwear that is beyond repair or salvage and donate or give away gently used items to a local charity or goodwill association.

Once you’ve gotten rid of these items, you can better focus on organizing what’s left.

Rotate jackets/coats with the seasons.

There’s no sense in keeping a light windbreaker in your hall closet in the dead of a cold, snowy winter or a heavy winter parka during the blazing heat of summer! Get in the habit of rotating your jackets and coats with the seasons. Start first by pulling out the items you’ll need for the upcoming season. The items that remain should be appropriately laundered, if necessary, placed on hangers and into garment bags. Store these non-seasonal items in an unused closet, or other dead storage location. When the weather starts to turn, simply switch out one season’s outerwear for another.

Set up proper storage.

Do you have the tools you need to properly store your jackets and coats? Balancing five coats on a two coat hanging peg, for example, can be tricky, if not downright frustrating. Having the right hardware to store outerwear makes a big, big difference. Take stock of the storage options in your home. Do you need to purchase more hangers for the hall closet, finally fix a hanging rod, buy a coatrack or upgrade to more coat hooks?

Organize outerwear by function.

It doesn’t matter if you store your jackets/coats in a closet, on a coatrack, or rows of coat hooks; the easiest way to find what you need in a pinch is to organize items by their function. Try grouping similar items together, lighter items with lighter items (such as windbreakers and raincoats) and heavier items with heavier ones (such as parkas and wool coats). Not only will you find what you need faster, but you’ll save yourself from wrestling through all your other outerwear in the process.   

How about you? Which of the above tips do you think will help you the most in your quest to organize your outerwear? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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  1. Laura Ecker

    Love this article. Wish I could make the weather in Indiana cooperate for an outerwear season changeover. Our first day over 90 degrees was in September and our first day below 40 was this week.

    • Rashelle

      I hear you! It has been an up-and-down time this summer/fall for temperatures. I just rotated my wardrobe yesterday. Here’s hoping it won’t go back into the 80s…