4 Thoughtful Tips to Help You Overcome Procrastination

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Image of people on a beach with the phrase, 4 Thoughtful Tips to Overcome ProcrastinationAre you looking to overcome procrastination?

Need some insight to get over the hump and back to getting things done?

In this post, I offer a few thoughtful pointers to help you address and tackle procrastination.

Procrastination ties strongly to how we are feeling at any given moment in time.

Whether you’re feeling afraid, bored or tired, you can tackle your procrastination.

All it takes is knowing how you are feeling…and taking appropriate action to fix the situation.

If you’re feeling afraid…

Are you putting off writing your novel because you’re afraid how it’s going to turn out? Maybe you’re avoiding practicing your work presentation because you’re not sure of what to say? Take just one small step, one small effort towards your goal, whatever it may be.

If you want to write, start off by writing just one sentence. If you want to practice speaking, put on your presentation clothes, stand up and start speaking. The action you take doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Sometimes all you need to do is get the ball-rolling and get past that initial resistance. After breaking through that wall, you may find it easier to keep on going, and going, and going…

If you’re feeling bored…

Shake things up with a bit of creativity! Put on some energizing music as you do your work, sing out loud, make a game out of what you are doing, or view your work in a new, creative light. Sure, addressing a stack of 100 party invitations may be a drag, so why not make a game to get twenty done in the next half hour and then take a coffee break as a reward? Have zero ideas as to what to write about for your next fashion blog post? Choose a famous person from history and think about how they might solve the problem. For example, what would Albert Einstein have to say about fashion? (Taste in fashion is relative, perhaps?) The sky really is the limit here; just let your imagination soar and see what you can come up with.

If you’re feeling under-qualified…

Not sure if you have what it takes to get the job done? Give your confidence a boost by beefing up on some juicy (and useful) knowledge. You’re sure to learn at least one thing you didn’t know before. Listen to a podcast on the subject or skill in question, read a book or instruction manual or watch an informative documentary or instructional video. Still feeling a bit unsure? Think back to a time in the past when you weren’t sure you could do something, but you ended up doing it with flying colors. It could be something you did at work or, at home while you were working on a hobby. You did it then…and you can do it now!

If you don’t feel like working….

Put down your work and take a break. What? Give in to procrastination? Sometimes this really is the best remedy. Instead of having a back-and-forth conversation with yourself that sounds something along the lines of, “I should be working…but I don’t feel like working,” just go ahead and take that break! Maybe this mini-break is really what you need to refresh your mind and body so you can start again with a fresh outlook.

How about you? How do you overcome procrastination? What steps do you take to break through the wall and get back on track? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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