4 Simple Tips to Stop Procrastination

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Image of an ocean and phrase, 4 Simple Tips to Stop ProcrastinationAre you tired of putting things off until the last-minute?

Do you want to get things done sooner, rather than later?

In this post, I offer four quick tips to help you avoid the dreaded enemy of productivity: procrastination.

Work on a task with the least amount of resistance. 

Sometimes the tiniest step can be a big push in the right direction when it comes to getting things done.

When faced with a large project, such as planning a party, or organizing a cluttered room, take one small, easy step.

The idea here is to get you working on some piece of the work, period.

In the examples above, you might decide to create an invite list, or go online for some inspiration when it comes to decorations for the party, or find three large containers for your organizing project, and label them keep, toss, donate.

Take that first step, and the rest will slowly fall into place.   

Prepare your immediate environment.

An easy way to beat procrastination is to literally work around your work. By this, I mean turning your attention to setting up the immediate environment for the task at hand.

Ok, so you don’t want to work on that report, but you can turn on your computer, open a word document file, and sit at your desk. You may not want to drop a letter in the mailbox, but you can put on your shoes and coat, grab the mail and your house keys, and open the front door.

Once you’ve carefully prepared everything, it’s a shame for you to do anything else but the task you’ve been avoiding.

Motivate yourself with the power of repetition.

Whenever you feeling pangs of procrastination, turn to the power of repetition for some help. The idea here is to keep reaffirming what you have to do, and to keep doing so…until you actually perform the task.

The trick is to repeat the task aloud, or write it down, until you’ve had enough, so that you just do the work.

It’s not the most glamorous tip, but hey, tough times call for tough measures.

Don’t overthink your work.

Overthinking your workload or tasks can really slow things down. Keep these three phrases in mind to help you stay on track:

  1. Stop thinking about the work you have to do.
  2. Stop creating a list of different scenarios, or painting a picture for yourself of what the future may look like, or what could possibly happen, go wrong, etc., when you work.
  3. Stop making excuses for yourself, be they small, or large.

The solution? Just get to work!

How about you? How do you overcome procrastination? Do you follow any of the tips above, or do you have your own helpful methods? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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