15 Things to Check Around the Home When Daylight Saving Time Returns

Image of crocuses and phrase, 15 Things to Check Around the Home When We Spring ForwardDid you know? Daylight Saving Time returns in just a few days.

Want to spring forward on some timely, yet often forgotten household items and tasks?

In this post, I offer a quick list of fifteen household items to attend to after you set your time pieces forward.

Is Daylight Saving Time not observed where you live? No problem!

These tips can be made at any time; they are all about taking a few minutes now, in order to better protect your future.    

Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

This is an oldie, but it is certainly a goodie. A few minutes checking the batteries in these detectors could possibly save the lives of your loved ones in future.

Make sure auto/life/health/car insurance has not lapsed.

When’s the last time you checked up on your insurance policies? Double check one (or more) of your policies to make sure your coverage has not lapsed.

Check and replace batteries in flashlights.

A flashlight with dead batteries isn’t very helpful in an emergency. Make sure your flashlights have fresh batteries.

Update your credit card information for automatic online payments.

Prevent lapses in your online bill paying. Update expired and closed credit cards with up-to-date card info.

Ensure vents are properly closed/opened.

Take a walk around your home and check cooling/heating vents to make sure they are properly secured, or opened.

Change a lightbulb that’s been dead for weeks.

Grab a fresh lightbulb and change out the dead one that’s been sitting in your lamp/overhead fixture/chandelier.

Double-check wall sockets.

Make sure electronic devices are properly plugged into wall sockets or power strips.

Check meter readings around the house.

Do you have various meters (water/gas/electric, etc.) located in and around your home? Now’s a great time to make sure they are working and are recording information properly.

Shake out crumbs from your toaster and toaster oven.

If you toast a lot of bread/bread products, the crumbs can quickly accumulate over time.

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Clean up items on your computer.

Defragment your hard drive, remove cookies from your internet browsers, delete unnecessary items from your downloads folder and trash.

Check your credit report and credit score.

Do you know your numbers? It’s worth taking a moment to do so. If you’re in the United States, you can find more information at www.annualcreditreport.com.

Review your car’s servicing and inspection record.

When’s the last time you had your car serviced and/or inspected? It might be time to take a trip to see your mechanic.

Take a look at your home improvement notes.

Is this the year you are supposed to stain and waterproof the deck? How about taking care of that overgrowth in the garden? It’s worth reviewing any home improvement notes you may have written for yourself weeks, months, or years ago.

Make sure your emergency kit is up-to-date.

Open up any emergency kits you may have around your home. Ensure package seals are air and watertight, and items have not yet expired. Don’t have an emergency kit? Why not take the time now to make one?  

Empty out the traps in your washer and dryer.   

Take out all the gunk from the drain and lint traps.

How about you? Which of these fifteen items will you attend to at home after reading this post? Maybe you have another item not mentioned above that should be noted? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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  1. Laura

    We had our ducts inspected and sealed today. Now I am in the mood to tackle our emergency kit and smoke detectors. Thanks for the reminder, Rashelle.

    • Rashelle

      Great, sounds like a plan! I’m glad the reminders helped.