15 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know if You Want to Be More Productive

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Are you looking to spend a little less time working at the computer?Image of a man typing on a computer keyboard and the phrase, 15 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know if You Want to Be More Productive

Do you want to be able to manipulate text on the screen with just a couple of keystrokes?

In this post, I offer a few of my favorite keyboard shortcuts to help streamline your time on the computer.

A Word on Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

It takes time to learn anything new; keyboard shortcuts included!

You may find it awkward to move your fingers in certain locations on the keyboard, but this is only because your fingers are not used to the movements.

Learning keyboard shortcuts means improving your dexterity.

Remember how difficult it was to learn how to tie your shoes for the first time as a kid? The same idea applies here.

It will be slow going at first, but with practice, you’ll soon realize keyboard shortcuts are as easy as clicking a mouse button or clicking on a track pad.

My advice is to choose one shortcut and practice learning that for a week or so, until it becomes comfortable for you to perform the shortcut, almost like second nature.

My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts, for both Windows and Apple computers.

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of all the shortcuts that are out there, they are simply ones I use on a regular basis.

You should also keep in mind that these keyboard shortcuts are for general purposes only. They may or may not work for particular computer programs or applications. When in doubt, it’s best to consult your user manual before attempting any shortcuts.

Abbreviations you need to know:

Ctrl = Control (for Windows)

Cmd = Command (for Apple)

Opt = Option (for Apple)

A table of helpful keyboard shortcuts

Expand Your Keyboard Shortcut Horizons

The keyboard shortcuts listed above are just a minute sampling of the keyboard shortcuts that are out there. If you’re looking for a handy reference guide, you can’t go wrong with this keyboard shortcut reference table.

If you’re really looking to beef up your keyboard shortcut skills, you should crack open the instruction manual or PDF to the computer programs or apps you frequently use at home or the office.

Lastly, if you’re really looking to make the most of your time at the keyboard, I highly recommend you learn how to touch type. There’s a reason why the keys on the keyboard are arranged in a certain order.

Learning how to touch type will really change your life; it will make working at the computer a breeze!

How about you? Do you use keyboard shortcuts on the computer? Which shortcuts are your favorites? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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  1. Stefaan

    Win+D : go to desktop
    Win+E : open explorer
    Win+F : Find

    • Rashelle

      What helpful trio of Windows keyboard shortcuts! Thanks for sharing, Stefaan.