10 Easy Ways to Add More Order to Your Life

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and frazzled?

Looking to bring some structure to your daily tasks and activities?

You’re in luck!

Here are ten easy ways you can add more order to your life.

Make a checklist.

Jot down a set of recurring or regular tasks you must check or complete every month or quarter.

You could write down the steps to back up your website, how to run a complicated financial report, or the final checks you need to make before submitting a project to a client.

You might even consider creating a checklist of items you must take with you before leaving home so as to be sure you have everything you need.

Automate a system or task.

Set an auto responder for an email subscription list or email account, enter in a list of consecutive to-dos in your productivity app of choice, line up a couple of bills for automatic payment, have your cellphone message converted to text or email messages and so on and so forth.

Take five minutes at the end of every day to tidy up.

Choose a room, or specific location such as a table top, counter or workspace to tidy. Set a timer for five minutes and get to work! Return items to their proper storage locations, clear out clutter and trash and bring things back to order.

Start a go-to resource.

Make a mini-center for all those little things that come up in life, be it celebrations or just practical everyday things. If you’re going the celebratory route, you could collect a couple of birthday, wedding and thank you cards and stamps to have on hand, a couple of generic gift cards and wrapping paper. If you’re always in need of items to fix around the house, create a little kit with duct tape, super glue, scissors, small toolkit, sewing notions and the like.

Make a method.

Set a standard labeling or naming system for your computer and/or paper files, create a customer or product intake form, set a time every week to do your laundry or run errands, or figure out a method of organizing your books in your bookcase.

Contain similar items.

The easiest way to bring order to bunch of similar items is to contain them. Find a box, container, basket or item for storage; you might even want to purchase a special organizing product if you’re so inclined.

Label something!

Take five seconds to write down the contents of a box, container or document. The label doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure you identify contents clearly and appropriately.

Leave a note for your future self.

Create detailed notes of an issue or item you’re handling right now. For example, if you’re sorting out issues with your home insurance, write down the current situation: the status of claims, the conversations you’ve had with representatives via phone or email and payments made. You’ll have a handy reference ready for yourself in the future!

Make several go-to travel kits for your purse, workout bag, backpack, desk and car’s glove compartment.

Stock up on the following trial or travel size items and store in zippered plastic bags for handy use: tissues, cough drops, painkiller, deodorant, floss, hand sanitizer, or anything else you’d like!

Drop detailed information into your schedule.

Make the most of your calendar or schedule by dropping in details of meetings, appointments and conferences including building/room number and location, attendees, what items you’ll need to bring and other miscellaneous notes.

How about you? What small organizing project are you going to take on today? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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