How to Plan a Great Event in 60 DaysNeed to plan a graduation party, wedding reception, birthday party, family reunion, retirement luncheon, community fundraiser or school raffle?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Not sure where you should start?

How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days is a step-by-step eBook that takes the guesswork out of planning social events.

A Step-by-Step Format to Help You Tackle Any Event

Designed for people with little or no event planning experience, How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days covers specific aspects of the event planning process.

Each week is filled with easy-to-follow exercises and instructions designed to help you create a wonderful event experience from start to finish.

This eBook will help you:

  • Create event scopes, budgets, timelines and lists
  • Coordinate invitations, decorations and refreshments
  • Work with venues & vendors from start to finish
  • Stay cool, calm and collected

With clear, thorough instructions, helpful exercises and practical advice, you’ll have all the tools you need to slowly and steadily build your event from the bottom up!

That Event Won’t Plan Itself…

Are you ready to plan an amazing and memorable event?

Download your copy of How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days today!

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